Getting Rid of Head Lice – You Need to Wash More Than Hair to Eliminate Head Lice

For anyone dealing with their first encounter with an infestation of head lice education is definitely something that will help them. Sadly not everyone manages to understand the complete set of steps needed to totally eradicate the creatures. One of the problems is that folks just think it is a simple matter of dosing the infected person with a good [...]

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Easy Steps for Treating Head Lice at Home

Head lice also known as Pediculosis, is a harmful infestation of tiny white insects known as lice. They lay down eggs in your hair, close to scalp and that is exactly [...]

Head Lice Facts – An Amazing Look at the Life Cycle of the Louse

The few head lice facts most of us know of is that these tiny creatures have the ability to completely take over an entire household in just a few weeks time, and once [...]

How Does a Head Lice Infestation Begin?

Since lice are so small in size, they are able to travel undetected from the belongings of an infected individual to the belongings or hair of another individual. Note [...]